The image captured on november 2013 has left me attonished and has made me reflect.
I Went out around 8 p.m. and pointed my mobile camera towards a beautiful moon surrounded by a large brilliant halo: it was a lot fascinating. That was a period of thoughts about extraterrestrials and dialogue with my dear friend Rosy, Pleiadian contactee. I shot again, then I left.

After catching the bus I had a look at pictures again: the second shot showed the Moon
with her special? Halo?  As captured looking at the sky,  and, after that, greatly astonished, i realized my first shot  had recorded a quite different image.

5 moon with halo 20131115 204302
It was not a reflection of the camera and not even another kind of reflection, in full darkness and open sky, in a peripheral part of the city.
Looking at this shot I realized there were not anything overlapping with the Moon…. it was really another image. The Moon had disappeared and, in the picture, something had replaced her, a well defined flipped C-shaped object; it was strongly brilliant and had huge dimensions: Something I would have liked to find an explanation to.

2 GIANT SUNSHIP TAKEN BY ME 20131115204231

Could it be an Ebani? they are bright extraterrestrial moving creatures,  sometimes captured in pictures of the sky, but the Ebani move and they are often visible for some moments… no! this gave me an idea of something different.

I made some enlargements of the picture,  with my friend Piero, trying to catch some more details and he made me notice,  on the top this bright structure, we could visualize some shapes similar to flying saucers..but what was it?  An extraterrestrial base?  A world? And how have I been able to capture it?

6 ADetailPG
Not having “high tech” cameras and not making particular actions to capture special images I started to  gather maybe “something”  connected to my mobile camera allowing me to expose this image  and “someone” wanted me to visualize this object.

Yes, sure, it could be an UFO structure, but it was rather new for me and very original.
I saved that picture in my albums, with some happiness, thinking about a kind testimony for me of the presence of this structure, maybe a mother ship, in our sky.
Some time later, watching the net news, I realized that, in recent periods ( last 3 years), a not well identified  big object,  appeared in SECCHI solar observatory  ( Someone told to have seen  it in SOHO cam as well) and reminded me very much about the bright structure caught in my  picture.
It looked like it:   could it really be a large sized starship? And which could be the wonderful creatures  turning around our sky by structures similar to worlds and  showing themselves to us by their own choice?

1 Giant Starship on Secchi

Some time later, i remembered of a fascinating archeological evidence, found in 1999 in Germany, immpressing me with its beauty: the Nebra disk, with the sun and the moon, is a depiction of the sky made by people of about 3600 years ago.
Who or what has inspired the ancient artists to describe that sky picture?

Digital StillCamera
According to american studies, broadcast in 2004, comes a reliable explanation: that disk would show, between  two stripes of the horizon, a solar eclipse of april 16th 1699 BC. There are many planets and stellar systems on it ( Mars, Venus, Lupus, Capricorn, Mizar, Orion, etc) together with the Sun and the Moon,  and among all , for greatness and importance the wonderful seven sisters : the Pleiades stand out in the middle of the sky.
Moreover in a low position, in front of our view, there is a huge sunship similar to the shape in my picture!

Could that big starship, watching  our sky, house  these shining  stars creatures, coordinating our Galaxy, among which there are the marvelous Pleiadians?

4 NEBRA explanation
Thinking back about  what has been said , during his conferences, by esteemed american japanise scientist  Michio Kaku, about extraterrestrial civilizations coordinating our galaxy, classified level 3 compared to us (we would be level 0), from the point of view of technologies: “they are so advanced that communicating with us would be like asking hunts if they are interested in using the atomic energy”, i would say this could be surely true, from the point of view of technologies, but not from the point of view of the soul, of the divine spark we share.

Through the “soul and heart” channel , probably, these high level beings manifest their presence (to  people thinking about them lovingly)  with a picture, a sighting, a vision and, sometime, with an encounter among people as well.
This makes us hope that, in a not too far moment , we will be able, at last, to hug  publicly the space “family”,  called by our american friends, our AMR (All my relations).

Video 1: giant object filmed from Secchi obervatory

Video 2: the Nebra disk

Writed by: Antonella Nardone


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